Day 6: A new week, a new site

Today the ‘official’ fieldschool has started. Four students will work with us on the OVM10. In this blog we will tell you something about the site OVM10 and introduce the students.

The site OVM10 consists of two locations, an eastern and western part. The locations are about 20 meters apart and are on both sides of a hill. On these locations remains of one or two 17th century shipwrecks have been found, this is something we will have to clarify. In 2012 living shipworms were found in wood samples from the wrecksite. The goals of this campaign are more or less the same as with the OVM12. Our first job is to do a significance assessment on the site OVM 10. Secondly we will look at the spread of the shipworm and its effect on the recently exposed wreck parts. As part of the cooperation with the municipality of Westvoorne and current development of a vision for the lake we will also look at the possibilities for dive tourism in the future as part of the management of the underwater cultural heritage in this area. The information we gather will be used in the discussions with different stakeholders on what must happen to the lake.

The students. From left to right: Thomas, Mareille, Bronwyn and Robert
The students. From left to right: Thomas, Mareille, Bronwyn and Robert.

Thomas van Damme

I’m from Belgium and have recently graduated as a maritime archaeologist from the University of Southern Denmark. Professionally I’m mainly interested in underwater photogrammetry – converting 2D images of shipwrecks into accurate 3D models (see blog 3). Having dived with the team on the OVM8 and OVM14 last year I’m excited to test out new hardware and an improved photogrammetry workflow for the three-dimensional recording of the OVM10 during the 2015 campaign!

Mareille Arkesteijn

I studied archaeology at Leiden University and graduated last February. I’m specialised in archaeological leather and started my own small company in conservation and determination of archaeological leather. Last year I joined the project as well and dived on the OVM8 which was really interesting so I am very excited to dive on the OVM10 this week!!

Bronwyn Hughes

I’m from New Zealand and I study archaeology at Leiden University. I have a background in Classical studies but am fascinated by all things maritime. I am a dive master and enjoy sailing. I am looking forward to gaining some practical archaeology experience and learning more about Dutch shipping history.

Robert de Hoop

I have been writing the blogs this past week, but I thought I’d introduce myself as well. I study archaeology at Saxion Deventer where I just turned in my thesis. Next year I will be going to the University of Southern Denmark to study Maritime Archaeology. I’m very interested in digital archaeology, which is also what my thesis was about. Together with Thomas I will be working on the underwater photogrammetry.

The scuba equipment
The scuba equipment

This we week we will be diving using scuba equipment. More on that tomorrow!

Over Maritiem Programma

Het Maritiem Programma van de Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed houdt zich bezig met het onderzoek naar scheepswrakken, bruggen, havens en andere maritieme landschappen. Het doel is om kennis, onderzoek, beleid, samenwerking en educatie op het gebied van maritiem erfgoed in Nederland een stevige basis te geven. Het programma loopt van 2012 tot en met 2015.

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